Click Before You Dig... Stay Safe.

Click Before You Dig...
Locate all Underground Utilities Before You Excavate… Stay Safe.

Are you planning to build a fence, build a patio, landscape, plant a tree/shrub, repair your weeping tile or foundations, build an addition, build a garage, or…? We want to help keep you safe. Damaging a buried gas line can be dangerous and costly to you.

Click the link below or make a free call to Alberta One Call Corporation at 1-800-242-3447 to obtain a utility locate for free. Within two full working days, AltaGas Utilities Inc. will contact you, or will visit the site to mark the location of the buried lines using water-soluble paint or flags for FREE.

Help Alberta One Call by readily having the following information available:

  • Telephone number, both a day time and cell number.
  • Type of work you're doing.
  • The depth you are excavating.
  • Are you hiring a contractor? Who?
  • Address/Legal and Town/City of dig area.
  • Where you will be digging on the property. A sketch, map or drawing of your excavation area can be attached to your locate request on-line and will provide valuable assistance to those attending to complete the utility line locate. If you do not have a sketch, map or drawing one can be completed with the online sketch tool and attached.
  • Start date of your work.
  • Pre-Marking your dig area will assist those who attend to complete the utility line locate. Please pre-mark your excavation area using white paint (summer) or black (winter) to help us serve you better.

Damages are not accidental!
How important is it to contact Alberta One Call before any ground disturbance?

  • Prevents incidents and keeps everyone safe.
  • Prevents damage to all buried facilities and the resultant costs.
  • You get the satisfaction of having your work proceed without any problems.


Last updated 2013/05/13