Our Occupational Health and Safety Code of Conduct

AltaGas Utilities Inc. (AUI) is committed to Occupational Health and Safety and the protection of its workers and the general public, and believes all employees, contractors, visitors and members of the public have the right to be protected from hazards and risks associated with AUI work. Every individual at an AUI work site or facility has the right to experience an environment free from unmitigated hazards, and has a personal responsibility for working safely and for helping others to remain safe. AUI has an obligation to ensure workers are not assigned unsafe work. Every worker has an obligation to refuse work they believe to be unsafe.

All AUI business activities must comply with government health and safety acts, regulations and codes, and AUI’s own standards, rules and instructions. AUI expects its employees, along with those engaged in conducting business with, or on behalf of, AUI to comply with this Code of Conduct.

In conducting business, AUI will demonstrate its commitment to Occupational Health and Safety through the application of the following general principles:

AltaGas Utilities Inc. will:

  • provide a safe work environment, believing worker safety is absolutely critical to its success.
  • continuously develop, communicate and promote health and safety awareness amongst employees, contractors, visitors and the public.
  • provide safety orientation, procedures, training and necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to all those present at an AUI work site or facility.
  • establish, implement and support safe working practices throughout the organization.
  • provide competent occupational health and safety resources to support its safety efforts.
  • investigate every reported safety-related incident that occurs at an AUI work site or facility, or involves its employees or contractors, and make recommendations for prevention.
  • measure and evaluate safety performance using key performance indicators (KPI’s).
  • maintain a process to promote continuous improvement of its safety management system, processes and results.

Greg Johnston

Reissued April 21, 2017