Our Environmental Code of Conduct

AltaGas Utilities Inc. (AUI) is committed to protecting the environment and safeguarding public and employee health throughout its operations. AUI expects its employees, along with those engaged in conducting business with, or on behalf of, AUI to comply with this Code of Conduct.

In conducting business, AltaGas Utilities Inc. will demonstrate its commitment to environmental stewardship through the application of the following general principles:

AltaGas Utilities Inc. will:

  • comply with or exceed applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as corporate and industry operating standards, policies and procedures.
  • develop, maintain and follow policies and procedures that provide a framework for environmental protection, accountability and stewardship.
  • maintain regular, open and timely communication with all parties affected by our environmental policies and performance, and consult with employees, the public, regulatory agencies and other constituents to provide and solicit related input.
  • provide educational opportunities and programs that support employees in carrying out their environmental responsibilities.
  • seek to conserve resources through the safe, efficient and responsible management of materials and wastes, reducing, reusing and recycling wherever appropriate.
  • minimize and mitigate the adverse environmental effects of its activities by designing, constructing, operating and decommissioning facilities in an environmentally-responsible manner.
  • prepare for, and respond to, emergencies in a timely and effective manner, and remedy any resulting environmental damage.
  • monitor its activities to confirm compliance with regulatory, corporate and industry standards and to identify and correct potentially adverse effects on the environment.
  • provide complete and timely environmental reports, both internally and externally.
  • strive to improve our environmental performance, accommodate evolving standards and integrate, where appropriate, the results of scientific investigation and technological innovation to enhance environmental protection.


Greg Johnston

Reissued April 21, 2017