Statement of Purpose


The work ethic of each employee must demonstrate these Values:

  • honest and ethical behaviour
  • worker and public safety
  • environmental stewardship
  • accountability for actions and results
  • financial responsibility
  • loyalty and teamwork
  • continuous improvement
  • respect and empathy for others
  • reliability and sense of duty
  • agility and decisiveness


Guided by our Values, we will give:

  • Customers What They Want
  • Shareholders What They Deserve
  • Employees What They Need
  • Regulators What They Expect

In making these commitments, we believe:

Customers want safe, dependable natural gas delivery at just and reasonable rates; ease of access to service and information; prompt, courteous, high quality service; to see us act responsibly.

Shareholders deserve maximum value from ownership; stewardship of the resources entrusted to us; prompt, open, accurate communication on matters related to their investment in us.

Employees need a safe and respectful workplace; plain and open communication; empowerment reinforced with necessary leadership; fair compensation; just treatment; recognition; adequate resources; effective training; opportunity for personal development.

Regulators expect compliance with statutes and decisions; information that supports their decision processes; timely and accurate reporting on matters of interest to them.



Committed by our Value Proposition in the pursuit of our Vision, we:

. . . contribute to the welfare of individuals, businesses and the greater society in Alberta by safely and dependably supplying and delivering natural gas to end users.

. . . provide a high quality opportunity for investment in the natural gas utility business by offering stable, long-term earnings combined with growth opportunities.

. . . enhance the lives of our employees by giving them the opportunity to do meaningful work in an environment that is stimulating and rewarding.

. . . support the ongoing development of the Alberta regulatory environment through participation in industry and regulatory initiatives, compliance with laws, and high quality applications.



We will be the natural gas delivery company of choice in Alberta, providing exceptional value to our Strategic Constituents so that:

  • We are seen as the preferred service provider for natural gas delivery
  • We are seen as the preferred investment in the Canadian natural gas utility industry
  • We are seen as the preferred employer for the skills we seek
  • We are seen as the most credible proponent of regulatory initiatives


Reissued 2016/04/20